Unfold the diaper and place the child’s bottom on the part of the diaper where the Velcro fastener is located. If the child is a boy, make sure his penis is pointing downwards.


Fold the front of the diaper up against the child’s belly. Open the Velcro fastener and use it to stick the diaper together. Fix the Velcro to the coloured part of the soft band on the front of the diaper.


Make sure the leak protection pockets are open by running your finger inside the edge of the diaper along the thighs.

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Manufacturer Info

Hygiene Products Industry

Softlove diapers is Putian, Fujian Jia Tong Paper Products Co., Ltd’s products, Putian, Fujian Jia Tong Paper Products Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned by the Singapore Jia Tong Group, founded by large paper companies. Specializing in the production and sale of sanitary napkins, diapers, Facial Tissue , toilet paper roll paper products. The company was founded in 1994, located in the city – Putian City estuary town , covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters , investing $ 20 million , now could be a value 200 million yuan success.


Singapore Jia Tong Group’s large paper companies, with Group 20 years of production experience in health care products mature. Giti Tire Group is a company with manufacturing, real estate, products, industry, food industry, aquaculture, plastics and chemical industry and other industries as one of the large multinational corporations. Introduction of the Italian inventor, Japan and other world -class Rueiguang automatic control hygiene paper production line. Company’s basic principle is based starting point, high-grade achievement. The company has repeatedly from Italy, Japan imported advanced fully automated computer-controlled paper production equipment, from the United States , France and other foreign imports pulp quality long cilia , combined with Giti Group in foreign production hygiene twenty years of experience , as well as advanced technology , superb technology and scientific management , products by domestic and foreign customers . Our products has been the provincial Quality Association , the Provincial Consumers Association , the Provincial Paper Association, were awarded the ” satisfaction”, “green products” and ” quality award ” honorary title . Companies adhere to the “quality first, customer first, excellence and striving for brand ” quality , stable product quality , has been exported to Australia, the Philippines , the United States , Indonesia, South Korea , Japan and other 13 countries and will continue to breadth and depth expansion. Companies adhere to the integrity of management , has been DOFTEC awarded the ” foreign-invested enterprises produced products ,” Putian government awarded “the contract and keeping promises units” and ” integrity”, Putian City of Quality and Technical Supervision awarded the ” quality supervision of qualified enterprises” . Developed a “soft love” and ” Jia Xin ” ” Xue Wei ,” several series of sanitary napkins , health care products and baby diapers quality products. Products are exported to Australia, the Philippines, the United States, Indonesia, South Korea and other twenty six countries and regions.

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